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As one of the 'Class of '82' I have gathered a little information and a few photos of some of the people of that year. Where I know email or web site addresses I have included these too. I have even tried to remember everyones name in 'The Big List' but I am sure there are still a few missing. If I've missed one or two names please let me know by dropping me an email to "webmaster at jabberwocky (dot) co (dot) uk".

Class of '82

During the summer of 1998 I found a copy of the old school magazine 'The Yorkist' whilst rummaging in the attic at my mother's house. I think it was originally published in about 1978. Now twenty years old it is so interesting, not to mention funny, to read that I had to feed it through the scanner and the OCR software and share it. Highlights, (apart from the poetry!), are the house reports, the club reports (remember when skateboarding started?), the band reports (Subway Minotaur - where are they now?) and it even contains the secret to the origin of the jaw extension!

I am pleased to have recently been sent another 'Yorkist' from an old school friend, Simon Darnley. Edited by Mark Watkins, here is the 1981 edition of The Yorkist.

How about the full school panoramic photo from 1981 or an old picture of Kitchener House in about 1977?

For those of you younger than me, try Mike Shaw and Glen Bridges's Class of '83 site. You must read Glen's hilarious Duke of York's recipe page. Brilliant!!

I can show you the old song about the Grand Ol' Duke of York.

Finally, I can link you to the best site I've found about the old place. That's some chap called Chad . I can't say that I know him from Adam, but he seems to have got his site together.

Chad's Dukies page