The Class of '82
Big List

(With various assorted mugshots)

Roberts House

Russell Ayling, David David, Clive Davies, Mark Hills, Patrick Maine, Andy Marsh, Dave O'Hara and Mike Trebble. Also Mark Jackson who left at the end of the fifth form and Mike Walsh who died (20 years ago this year) at the end of his fith year. Perhaps we should also include Mark Fynn who stayed on from the year before as an 'honourary' member of the class of '82.

Wolsley House

Gary Bodenham, Dieter Cotterell, Simon Darnley, Bob Fox, Dave Happy, Daryll Head, Dick Moon, Peter Paddon, Paul Reardon, Andy Wadmore, Kev Webster, Mark West and Bruce Whitton.

Wellington House

Graham Belgum, Nick Bryan, Steve Cassidy, Laurie Green, Peter Kelly, Stuart Johns, Mark Reid, Tim Rose, John Taylor and Bruce Turnbull.

Clive House

Chris Batey, Andy Burroughs, Barry Clarke, Steve Eldridge,  John Earl, Andy Easton, Phil Fail, Niel Forstyth, Jim Grant, Dave Horwood, Simon Proom and Mark Watkins.

Wolfe House

Kev Bond, Dave Colley, Edward Gurghy, Dave Landreth, Carl Lawes, Dave Martin, Carl McCann, Paul 'Spud' Murphy, Bernard Palmer, Mike Perry, Kieth Raynor and John Whelan.

Marlborough House

John Almond, Tony Banks, Dave Bamber, Phil Bullen, Mike Carpenter, Andy Clarke, Gordon Fox, 'Funks' Guiness, Russell Lancaster, Andy & Richard Morris, Duncan McBurney, Malcolm Stewart, Paul Stubbs, Rufus Redman and Andy Woollatt.

I'm sure that there are loads of others I can't yet think of, and I'm sure that I've got some of these people in the wrong houses, especially towards the top end of the school. The old memory is not quite what it used to be and it's always been pretty crap. Please let me know of any errors or omissions and I'll update the list. (Thanks to Bruce, Clive, Stu and George Winterbottom who have already pointed out a few errors). Many thanks also to one correspondent for the following:

"Of course there were others who never reached senior school/left for whatever reason: e.g. Simon Laybourne (spelling ? left 1st year), Mark Karman (left end of 2nd form Haig to go to Gordon Boys Schools). A few got expelled eg Dawson (Tim?) - stealing; and Tim ? Murray - for attempting to burn down the main school block and for being a general pain in the @rse !"

Also any good, bad or indifferent pics (either real or spoof) will be very welcome. Mail me at webmaster at jabberwocky (dot) co (dot) uk.

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