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I was staggered to see that someone had taken the time to scan in the first Yorkist printed by the boys - even more so because I was that boy! And I have a load of stories of that time.... my website even has a copy of the newspaper article printed in the Dover Express with that particular issue - and it was in Feb 79 (so really it was 1979..) - it was the one Yorkist that didn't really have a date to it. I'm more embarrassed to see some really bad poems also! Also I have other copies of the Yorkist around that time - and I will definitely scan them in. It is a pity you couldn't scan in the pictures!
Good Luck...
Stephen Cameron

Jesus, I've just stumbled on this site,and I seem to have been transported back through time...seeing the words "Subway Minotaur, Jaw-extention, newchie etc" I was at the Dukes from 1971 to 1978 and was in Wolfe house. I'm fairly sure that the guy Mike Perry mentioned in the class of '82 was my "fag" for a brief spell before I sacked him for wanting an increase in his 10p a week wages...!!!!Staggering!!You've put a real smile on my face, and if there's anybody out there from vaguely my era,drop me a line.P.s Is Chris Collishaw still a teacher there!!!
Royce Wood

Great to find a site where I can discover things about my school days I had completely forgotten about. The photos are great - I still have some from that era, if you are interested I can send them on. I was in Haig/Wolseley 72-79.
Adrian Jarratt

Great to read this and see what all my lot did after they finished at school. It's like a time warp to look back over the events that took place in 1978 and remember how I was involved. Live long and prosper one and all!
Andrew Keefe

Came across site by accident, it's a great site and brought back many memories. Hope to see old friends from Haig/Wolfe 1972 - 1980 at Rememberance 2001.
Neil Field

I have to say this was one of the most fun things I have found on the web.As an ex Dukie who was in my 5th year, U 16, I found memories flooding back as I read through the detail and even got two mentions. Excellent
Nigel Russell

God,I remember reading this when it was first published!! I think I've still got a copy as well as some earlier ones.
Jon Cooper

Thank you for an ecletic half hour
Tom Gettins

Left school '79, so the '77-78 brought a lot of memories and names flooding back, especially of the U16 rugby side which I captained that year.
Andrew Fyfe

I finished serving my time in 1995, along with the likes of jon boden; Andy venables and jon bell...its that time of year again! 11/11/00! A pint of the finest please bar-steward...nice to know people still remember.
Rich Lowe

Better looking of the Siddons bros. Haig & Roberts '54 to '60 (Monty's the ugly one) unoffial member of the White Rose club when it was the masters boozer.Hoppo, Dia Reese, Chas Connel ere. Joined with Dave Sanderson (Clive) about 0200hrs one morning and was fined five bob by the Head, Col. Mullin for our pranks.
Bris Siddons

What a surprise - testing a new search tool, decided to try searching on my name and found myself reading something very familiar. Looked in more detail and then realised why - it was an article I wrote years ago for the school magazine (Yorkist) regarding flying! I have some old B&W pics of the school which I'll scan in sometime and publish when I get a Web site set up properly. Good to see some old names as well...
Simon Bilton '72-'79 (Kitch and Wols)

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