Jabberwocky's Aylinks Page

Other Ayling sites out there include:

Jonathan Ayling - Cellist
Graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, Winner of the John Barbirolli Prize and Co-Principal of BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

Stuart Ayling's Marketing Nous
Australian company, Marketing Nous was formed in 1999 by Stuart Ayling and specialises in developing effective sales and marketing activities for service businesses

Ben Ayling - Chorus Mentor
Dr. Ayling sings bass in The Ritz, a world champion menís quartet that along with having eight recordings to their credit

R Ayling Jewellers
Nothing to do with me honest! A Mr Robert Ayling - "a family run independent jewellers offering a personal service."

Ayling Lane Public Consultation
Rushmoor Borough Concils's public consultation for a revised scheme for Ayling Lane. (Yes, really!)

Ayling International Property Services
Leslie and Margaret Ayling "have been successfully dealing in properties at Sotogrande (Nr Cadiz) and the surrounding areas since 1977."

Lance-Corporal Harty Ayling
Harty Ayling was one of more than 16,000 British soldiers who were killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme.

Frank Reuben Ayling
Frank Reuben Ayling, Canteen Assistant was one of the many who went down with HMS Hood.

George Edwin Ayling
George Edwin Ayling, Assistant Vegitable Cook went down with the Titanic.

Charles Lincoln Ayling
Charles Lincoln Ayling helped "shape Cape Cod".

Mark Ayling scuplts from Discworld
Groovy stuff inspired by Terry Patchet's Discworld.

IMDB's Aylings
Find an Ayling in the movie business...

MLA Resources
Mike Ayling (no not my dad) " and his associates have successfully placed hundreds of executives and technical specialists in oil and gas firms around the globe."

Wayne Ayling
Wayne wants to be major. Check out his credentials.

Ayling & Strudwick Associates
Chartered Surveyors "serving Sussex since 1922."

Peter Ayling & Associates
A Canadian Company who can take you "cruising around Lake Ontario."

Ayling & Burdon
A&B specialise in "the marketing of environmentally friendly products."

Brian Ayling
From Sydney Australia